Handmade in Spain

Crafted in natural wood.

Just Plug & Play

Easy to connect

Games for free

Auto download and install from internet.

Time Machine by Toad Retrocomputers_

Play it again all the classic games

Fully handmade with a Raspberry-Pi 3B+ allows you to play ALL those videogames that changed (or ruined) our lives.

Just plug to your TV or computer monitor and you will easily choose your emulator and favorite game.

Includes the acclaimed Emulation Station system with 49 emulators like:

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Time Machine V3+
A complete arcade in 30cm

Crafted on lacquered wood up to 10mm thick. With arcade buttons (including "Player 1" and "Player 2") and professional joystick and "insert Coin" backlit button.

Time Machine Mini
10cm full of games

Handmade using 5mm varnished wood that has been cut and engraved by laser. Includes "Player 1", "Player 2", "Insert Coin", "Escape", and "Pause" buttons.

Time Machine Deluxe
Luxury at your fingertips

Crafted with wood lacquered on wenge color and burnished brass corners.

Time Traveller Mini
A complete Kit

Visit your friends with this hardcase that includes 2 gamepad


Joystick Player 2
The perfect pal

Crafted in lacquered wood up to 10mm thick, cut and laser engraved. Assembled with professional joystick and arcade buttons pre-configured.


Time Machine KB Classic
Your dreamed homecomputer

Handmade in lacquered wood, 4mm thick, cut and laser engraved with english keyboard.

They have pressed "Start", and you? _

Íker Jiménez

Íker Jiménez


"This spanish retroconsole is a back to the past”.

Laura M

Laura M


"Amazing. I can share with my son all the classic videogames"




“Is the best option if you are looking for an economical and powerful classic game console"

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And media Reviews_

El País

El País


"Innovation in Classic Videogames"



Videogames Website

“You can download all the classic videogames you want”.



Videogames Magazine

"More than 400 classic videogames installed"

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