Gaming since 1985

Between 1985 and July 1996 (official date of its dissolution) T.O.A.D. it became one of the main European companies, including crackers, phreakers and software translators who, through its BBS Babylon-5, formed a community of users of Amiga, C-64 and SNES mainly.

Almost 20 years later we decided to recover that spirit

Why retrogaming does not mean old

  • Faster is not always better

       At present there is a global movement of "slow technology" in which ICT users are increasingly aware of how fast the world of the Information Society is.

  • Video games are art

       On the other hand, classic software (especially videogames) is already considered a technical-artistic legacy that, without the hardware that allows it to be executed, is in serious danger of disappearing.

  • A consensual retroconsole

       Last but not least, we are responsible for the sustainable development of technology. What has led us to create a product that integrates artisan innovation with natural materials such as wood, entirely manufactured in Spain

Your past always reaches you

  • An innocent experiment

       It was in August 2014 when two of the founders of TOAD (GPTO and JJ Quest) decided - out of pure fun - to build a first prototype of a retroconsole that integrated existing technology (Raspberry-Pi, Emulation Station and an arcade joystick) with a structure of wood inspired by other retrogamers who were developing similar ideas.

  • Unexpected success

       In October of that same year, they exhibited their prototype at a local fair and, faced with the expectation created, they decided to market a few on request. On December 22, after the publication of an advertisement in Hobby Consolas, his website receives 39 orders for a stock of 25 units. At that time they discovered that they had connected with that immense minority that kept remembering old video games with the same enthusiasm as 30 years ago.

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