Secure payment
Our secure payment methods (SSL) include:


PayPal allows companies or consumers who have email to send and receive payments on the Internet in a safe, convenient and profitable way. The PayPal network relies on the existing financial infrastructure of bank accounts and credit cards to create a global real-time payment solution. We offer a service specially designed for small businesses, Internet vendors, individuals and others who do not satisfy traditional payment mechanisms.

Visa / Mastercard through the Redsýs footbridge

Among the services and technological solutions offered by Redsys among others are:

  • Massive processing and high availability, acquirer and issuer, offline and online, 365 days 24 hours
  • Comprehensive management of terminals (POS terminals, ATMs)
  • Advanced Internet authentication systems
  • Direct connection of large businesses
  • Complex systems of security, prevention and containment of fraud
  • Services for use with telephone and other mobile devices: SMS services, NFC services (payment without telephone contact), payments with PDA in home services ...
  • New means of payment channels: TPV-PC, advanced electronic commerce gateways
  • Halcash
  • Electronic purse


iupay! It is a free service to make purchases online easily, quickly and safely.
Streamline your online payments by registering your BBVA cards and you will no longer have to enter all your data every time you make a purchase.

iupay! It is now available in the main online stores in Spain. Select that you want to pay with iupay! and you just have to indicate your username and password, choose the card you want to pay for and that's it!
And if you need it you can finance your purchase at the same time of payment, up to 12 months.

Wire transfer

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