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interMEDIA: Soluciones multimedis SL is the company behind the Time Machine project. interMEDIA is an IT consultory created in 1996 aimed to assist small companies through thei information society path.

Elevator Pitch 2016

What is Time Machine by TOAD retrocomputers?

Projetc & product:

It is based in two technologies:

1.- A low-cost computer called Raspberry-Pi 3B+ with these technical specifications: Broadcom ARMv8 Quadcore 64bit Processor at 1.4GHz, 1GB Ram and onboard Bluetooth and Wifi

2.- A customized version of EmulationStation software (a frontend that runs  49 videogames systems) some of them are: MAME (Arcade machines) – Amstrad CPC – Apple II – Atari 2600 – Atari ST – C64 – Commodore Amiga – Game Boy  – MSX – Neo Geo – N.E.S. – Nintendo 64 – Sega Master System – Super Nintendo – ZX Spectrum

Distribuition and Marketing


More than 75% of our sales are done through online shops. The rest are done through our official sales stores.

Besides our own online shop (toad.es/shop) we are present in other sites such as solopixel.es, emere.es and nkplayers.com, and in amazon.es and etsy.com marketplaces.

On June 2016 we have 21 outlets where our products are for sale. We estimate seven more will sign by the end of the year.


Time Machine retroconsoles have an established presence in Facebook and Twitter since 2014 and in a lesser degree in Instagram, Tumbler and Pinterest. The retrogaming community is quite active and enthusiastic, promoting our products at the specialized conventions in Spain (Retrobarcelona, Gamepolis, Dreamhack, Cometcon, etc.) and also in podcasts, youtube videos and online magazines.

Although our main promotion outlet is through the social networks, the attendance to national conventions has been key to promote our products.

Competition level 

The main console companies (Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo) are adding classic videogames to their catalogue, far from being a threat, we see it as an opportunity for the retrogaming community to grow and demand more classic titles like our product offers.

There are also amateur manufacturers that sell similar products as DIY or assembled kits.

But, the high quality of materials and the added value of being handmade (much appreciated by the target market) allow us to guarantee that our products will not be matched by the competition.


Without a doubt, this project is innovative because we have managed to market it very successfully (see milestones).

Protection of innovation

  • ‘TOAD’ and ‘Time Machine by TOAD’ are registered trademarks
  • Designs of our retrocomputers are also patented (D0523808-01, D0525397-01, D0525646-01)
  • Intellectual Property of our software is protected

Target Market

The target market is frequent or casual videogame players, specially middle age people that played with consoles or home computers in their early years.

This market is 40% of the population in Spain (14 millions) and they are also the ones with high purchasing power.

A secondary market target are people between 25 and 35 years who appreciate the retro culture, makers and slow tech trends.

Competitive advantage

The retrogaming market has grown exponentially in recent years. There are a lot of amateur projects aiming at the aficionado that requires the original hardware o extensive knowledge in electronics and computers. However, there are no affordable products for the end user, which are a ‘plug & play’ solution.

Real Sales & forecast: (in units)

2015: 298 sold

2016: 649 (updated Dec)

2017: 1,200

2018: 1,500

Rev. 30/12/2016 text under development

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